Chile, a narrow country in South America, has excellent potential for birding

Chile, a narrow country in South America, has excellent potential for birding. The layout of the country makes for a seamless journey from one point to another. In a general 2 week Chile birding tour, one can expect to travel the length of the country. The potential comes out from the structuring of a holiday package. Birding species from all parts of the country will be encountered. This then makes Chile an undisputed top destination for birders. The Chile birding tour does not have an unlimited amount of spots which can be booked into. The country is heavily protective of its wildlife species. It is for this reason that a limited number of tours are allowed into the key birding areas. Further to this, each Chile birding tour group is limited to numbers of 6. This is done to keep as little interference to the animals as possible. It is not just birds that tour participants will come into contact with during the Chile birding tour.


Along the way, many pumas, deer and reptiles will be encountered. The Chile birding tour is not dangerous, but in this regard to the animals, the trip is best done under supervision. In any case, you would be hard pressed to get yourself a spot into an available area on your own. Preferences are given to tour companies who are able to more able to adhere to the regulations. Still, it is not an easy route to get yourself a spot on the Chile birding tour, even when booking through a tour company. Seeing as Chile is such a sought after destination for birding in particular, birders go to extremes to get themselves in on the action. Your best move would be to tackle birding tours to most understated areas with a holiday agency. This way you would become one of their loyal clients.

This will get you onto exclusive mailing lists not just for discounts but to be among the first few to know the dates of upcoming Chile birding tour dates. This will then enable you to confirm a spot for yourself and friends before the dates are released to the masses. Booking and packing for the trip is the only 2 things you would need to bother with on the Chile birding tour. The tour is not only planned but executed by the agency as well. This leaves none of the responsibility to fall on your shoulders. On the date in question, you just need to be in Chile and then be whisked off on a fully catered adventure. A tour guide will be with the group along the way, for every step of the 2 week Chile birding tour. They will take charge of organization in regard to transportation, accommodation and food. Their most important duty on the Chile birding tour would be to ensure that the group gets to enjoy maximum birding each and every day. The Chile birding tour will no doubt fill up pages in any birders life list.